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The people of Analipsi!

In our village, there are more than a thousand people in
winter time and about 5000 in summertime, when visitors arives !


Most of the people who live in Analipsi have family roots from
Lasithi Plateau!

All of them have a wonderful way of life and the tradition is always
inside their mind !

Every season of the year there are a lot of things that the people have been doing from past years till nowadays, except the tourism.

The olive-picking, the potato- growing, the wine & raki making and many other activities, have been still the same as the past years!



When you ever visit Analipsi, you will see many people sitting
outside small traditional cafes (cafenio) .

Some of them try to say some English like "Hello",
and they will give you their best smile if you join their company!


You also may take some photos with them and see the
local Cretan costume!






The residents have the tradition and the hospitality that
Greece is famous for!
You will be able to meet many Greek people, talk and feel the
"Cretan filoxenia" .


Of course some of them don't speak English or any other language,
but they speak with the language of the heart and the body.

You will feel a great emotion when you try to speak with an old
village man or a woman, you should try it !

So dear Guest, when you come to Analipsi, don't be afraid to try a glass of home made raki and say YIAMMAS (cheers) somewhere around the village.



Some photos

Relaxing ...
Sitting at the balcony
Sitting at the balcony...
Old Traditional brooms
Old Traditional brooms ...
Bicycling in Analipsi...
Old woman at her House
Old woman at her House ...
Old couple...
Old couple...